Enabling our clients
to excel by providing full support
on digital transformation journey

by bringing our unmistakable wecan
attitude along with best-in-class services in
software development, system integration
and IT-consultancy.

Our value proposition

Providing our services with the mindset of:

  • The success of our clients being our #1 priority. Always focusing on maximizing the business impact of our developments.
  • Keeping up with and implementing the latest technological advanced solutions.
  • We are committed to delivering only in the highest quality.

Achieving all this in an efficient, on-shore or near-shore way by our devoted Budapest-based team.

years of combined experience
within senior team
delivered successfully
IT professionals
we have access to

Who We Are - our key experts

What We Do

Custom software

Creating bespoke software
for our corporate clients by
leveraging best-in-class practices and
custom coding solutions where needed.


Integrating systems from the perspective
of E2E flows in order to ensure smooth flows
throughout a business' whole ecosystem.

Cloud enablement

Enabling organizations to transform
and to leverage the unprecedented potential
of the most up-to-date technologies in digitization
and cloud platforms.

Our toolkit

Ready to form dedicated teams
excelling in all the latest major technologies:
MS Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, JavaEE, .NET, Python, Node.JS, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Jboss, Oracle Databases, NoSQL databases

Our extensive experience in various industries

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

We have been providing Back-End focused, very high availability developments for OTT platforms, which readily handle millions of parallel requests.

Financial Services


Our colleagues have worked intensively on various IT development projects within the banking and insurance industry. We have extensive experience with online as well as classic loan origination systems.



Our senior team helped several major telecommunication companies in the CEE region both from a business and an IT perspective. We are familiar with the complexity that is created by custom product portfolios in combination with high-availability requirements and massive volumes.

Energy sector


Our colleagues helped companies tackle their IT and business challenges in various energy companies, from nuclear power plants to retail gas and electricity providers.

Some concrete examples of our deliveries


Info & Sales

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Both info & sales and career mail addresses are still with wecanconsulting.eu domains.